About Us

Ambre Morgan LMT, Massage Therapist, Salt Lake City UT

Positively Massage of Utah is headed by licensed massage therapist Ambre Morgan, LMT. With almost 10 years of professional massage experience, we have treated many different clients including athletes, accident massage therapy, workplace injury massage therapy, chronic pain and other types of massage. Contact us now for an introductory session.

Our Massage Therapy Clinic is located at:

1399 S. 700 E. Suite 14
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT or call us now at 801-898-2077


“I was referred to Ambre by a trusted friend, which in my experience is the best way to prequalify a therapist in a world full of mediocrity. She has proved to be knowledgeable, thorough, and generous. I’m most appreciative of her ability to adapt her technique to address my issues. As importantly, she continues to improve and add to her repertoire rather than becoming mechanical and routine in her style.”


“I’ve been a client of Ambre’s for about one year. Even from the first visit, Ambre welcomed me like an old friend. She has true concern for her clients. During her massages, I have felt revived and much more focused, and significantly “healed”. Ambre is a true example for providing what our world needs more of–relaxation, harmony, and a desire to move forward with our daily lives.”


“When you find someone who masters their craft, you stay with them. I have been going to Ambre for nearly ten years (weekly). I like strong pressure and appreciate that she understands the body. I can highly recommend Ambre (and have) to others. You will be in good hands!”