When going in for a massage, you want to be sure your massage provides relaxation and healing. One of the most common types of massage is Swedish massage. 
At Positively Massage Utah, we are known for our Swedish massage techniques. With over 13 years of massage experience, it is no wonder our patients highly recommend us to their friends and family. 


 To make sure you get the best Swedish massage in Utah, we use a proven combination of techniques. 

Customized for Your Body Type

Enhanced Blood & Oxygen

Target Trouble Spots


Your body is unique. It reacts to stress, impacts, exercise and even injuries in unique ways. 

We use a proven combination of techniques to warm your muscles to the perfect temperature. This allows your muscles to relax and prepare for your Swedish massage. While many therapists rush through this step, we take extra steps to make sure we understand your unique body and how we can do the best job. 

Throughout your Swedish massage, we use innovative, proven techniques that improve nutrient-rich blood flow throughout your body. This is critical as it helps your body heal itself. 

Our powerful methods improves blood flow, maximizes oxygen to your muscles and enables your cells to repair your strained tissue.

The key to an amazing Swedish massage is making sure your trouble spots are resolved. We take extra steps to spend the time needed to work out your trouble spots. Whether it’s lower back pain, a tight neck, or worn out legs from a day of sport, we focus on the spots that need the most attention. 

Tailored for your unique body, our Swedish massage ensures your trouble spots get the attention they need.

By tailoring your Swedish massage to your unique body, you get a world-class Swedish massage that will redefine what you expect from a massage. 
Schedule your appointment today to enjoy an unbelievable Swedish massage that will take you to a new level of relaxation.