Trigger Point Massage

Looking for good trigger point massage in Salt Lake City? Do you ever feel an ache in a specific spot?
Well trigger point therapy uses the method of narrowing in on those tight spots. There are trigger points in each muscle! We find those points and holding pressure on them for a period of time. Once the pressure is removed, a rush of blood flows to the area and helps to get rid of both the tightness of your muscles and any tenderness! This is what we therapist call Ischemic Compression.
No one wants to be poked all over and then left that way. That’s why its important to use some swedish strokes in between the compression to help move toxins through and balance the system.
Its important to drink plenty of water after this particular modality because of the increase of toxins that are being released and moved through the body like bradykinin and lactic acid. Bradykinin  is a toxin in the muscle that develops from trauma like a car accident.  And lactic acid forms in the muscle from exercising at the gym.  Massage helps move these out of your muscles and, ultimately, out of the system.